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Post code:053800

Tel:86-318-3687897 3687896


Contact:Sunny Zhang



Hengshui Yihua Food Industrial Co.,ltd passed QS certificate re-examination



 Hengshui Yihua Food Industrial co.,ltd passed QS certificate re-examination acceptance for the third time.

In March 2012, Hengshui Yihua dehydrated vegetables company apply for the "vegetable products production license" pass in hebei province bureau of quality and technical supervision acceptance review panel
Expert group on my company's various management systems, environmental hardware gave full affirmation, and some of them should be improved content pertinent Suggestions are put forward.

Our company’s of "vegetables dry products production license", is the third review of  department of state since the full implementation of food production license system. after review by every time will be valid for three years.