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Post code:053800

Tel:86-318-3687897 3687896


Contact:Sunny Zhang



Hengshui Yihua Food Industrial Co.,ltd create a safe and green vegetable base



    Hengshui Yihua Food Industrial Co.,ltd create a safe and green vegetable base .

    Food safety should start from the base. During the past years, Hengshui Yihua food Indrstry co.,ltd fully carring out  the "green, health, safety, stability,"base of development principle,.We establish the base management department  controle each link of the entire regulation and service from seed, fertilizer, pesticide, planting, harvesting ofvegetable planting base of the company .We resolutely put an end to the use of high toxic pesticides, advocates the use of biological pesticide, ensure the base source safe.
All all kinds of dehydrated vegetables products in various provinces, cities and counties sampling all qualified, in multiple user sampling all qualified, has won the popularity of market and government.